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Caring for Young Eyes

Your child’s eyes are special. Vision helps children learn about their surroundings in their early years and so your childs eyes are extremely important for their growth and development . So we at Watney Eyecare are devoted to making sure your childs vision is taken care of.  

Childrens Eye examinations are NHS funded

Eye examinations for children are extremely important to ensure that their eyes are developing properly.

Childrens visions are continuously developing up to the ages of 7/8 so We recommend to book an eye test for your child as soon as they are 3 yrs old so it is easier for us to detect any eye abnormatieles as soon as possible and rectify the issue so that it doesn’t hinder with the childs development.

We understand that an eye examination may be stressful and intimidating for some children,  especially  if it’s their first one . So we try to make the procedure as fun and child-friendly as possible.   

Signs to look out for eye problems

If your child is showing any of these signs, they may be having vision problems:

• constant eye rubbing

• extreme light sensitivity

• poor focusing

• being unable to see objects at a distance

•having trouble reading the board at school


•difficulty reading

•sitting too close to the TV

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